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He was born in Ontinyent in 1965. He began his studies on music in his town with the help of Father V. Pérez-Jorge. He went on his professional studies at the Conservatorio Superior de Música in Valencia where he obtained a High Degree in Horn (1992) with D. José Rosell; Harmony, Composition and Orchestration (1995) with D. Luis Blanes Arques and D. Armando Curtidor Ponsoda, Choir Conduction (1994) with D. Eduardo Cifre and Orchestral Conduction (1996) with D. Manuel Galduf.

He has attended conduction lessons given by D. Manuel Galduf, D. Roberto Forés and D. Antoni Ros Marbà. He has conducted the following bands: the Orquesta del Conservatorio de Valencia, the Orquesta Sinfónica del Vallés, Unión Musical de Muro. From 1987 to the year 2000, he has been permanent conductor of the Unión Artística Musical de Ontinyent, with whom he has won two first prizes in the Cullera and Elda musical contests, a third one in Campo de Criptana and a fourth one in Valencia. From 2001 to 2005, he has been the permanent conductor of the Banda de la Sociedad Filarmónica Alteanense (from Altea). Together with this Orchestra, he inaugurated the Palau de les Arts in Altea, he has made concerts in many towns and cities around the Valencian Community, he has performed at the Palau de la Música in Valencia taking part within the Radio Clásica concert season, and he has won a second prize in the contest “Ciudad de Murcia”, and the Gold Medal with honorable mention in the Kerkrade contest.

He has made several recordings for the Editorial Alberry Soart, RNE (concert series at the Palau) and other cultural entities of Ontinyent and Altea. Is President of the Association of Music Compositors of Moors and Christians (ACMMIC). He has been a panelist at several competitions in the cities of Elda, Altea la Vella, Villena, Valencia and Paipa (Colombia).

In 2008 he was guest conductor at the “4th Estagio de Orquestra Sopros PIAGET” at the Campus of Mirandela and Viseu in Portugal. This meeting was aimed for conservatories and university students who wanted to improve their musical studies together with the interpretation of various works and styles, all powered by the Bachelor of Music of the University.

In 2010 he was awarded the Euterpe Prize in music composition, section music for the party, by the Valencian Federation of Music Societies.

As far as the composition is concerned, is the author of more than 50 marches and pasodobles. In addition, he has also composed scores for another instrumental series: it is necessary to mention Fantasía for marimba, the symphonic poems “Untinianum”, "Fa 150 Anys" and "El campanar de la Vila", “Tema i Variacions”, orchestra "Sinfonietta" for an instrumental ensemble, Ave María for a choir (work dedicated to the Immaculate Conception, Patroness of Ontinyent), and two incidental works, one for orchestra and choir, with a script written by Antonio Machado and another one for piano, clarinet and flute. As it was ordered by the Elda's Town Council, he composed the compulsory Moorish march to be performed for the Elda's musical bands contest in 1998.

Today he belongs to the body of professors of Music and Performing Arts of the Generalitat Valenciana in the Horn specialty at the Conservatory of Denia, he was conductor of the Young Symphonic Band of the Musical Societies Federation of the Comunitat Valenciana for 2014 and he is currently conductor of the Unió Musical d’Alberic, which he has won first prize in the Certamen Internacional Vila d’Altea in 2009, second prize with in the International Competition, section of Honour City of Valencia, in 2007, 2013 and 2015, a third prize in 2011 and a first prize the same competition in 2017 and 2019.

       -   Al Mestre (1987)
       -   Quinze moros (1988)
       -   Sisco (1988)
       -   Yolanda (1988)
       -   Agustín Gandia (1989)
       -   Sis kàbiles (1989)
       -   Reina Mora (1989)
       -   Edoga (1990)
       -   Tuareg (1990)
       -   Benimerines de Ontinyent (1991)
       -   Bon fester (1991)
       -   Climent (1991)
       -   Paco el chollat (1992)
       -   Sakran (1992)
       -   Als chopaors (1995)
       -   Julio (1995)
       -   Pedro el taxiste (1995)
       -   El Omeya José Berenguer (1996)
       -   Embajador Moro (1997)
       -   Saqqarah (1997)
       -   Taifes 98 (1998)
       -   Primer trò (1998)
       -   Pepe Blanes (1999)
       -   Rais Kabir (2005)
       -   Els Triers (2006)
       -   Xivid (2006)
       -   Aladins (2007)
       -   Ben Hulem ( 2008)
       -   El desficios (2008)
       -   Alsbanu Tsarrai (2010)
       -   Sendra (2011)
       -   García Ortín (2013)
       -   Khawla Bint (2013)
       -   Mu’Állim (2014)
       -   Wallada (2014)
       -   Tortosa capità (2016)
       -   Curro Abencerraje (2018)

       -   Gusmans d’Ontinyent (1989)
       -   Chenco Pla (1990)
       -   De la Vila al Regall (1997)
       -   Gonzalo Capità (1997)
       -   Aragonesos 99 (1999)
       -   Paco Martinez (2001)
       -   Avant Mónica i Maica (2004)
       -   Javi Bucanero (2006)
       -   Cándido Capità Cristià (2007)
       -   Rebemar (2016)

      -   Camareras 89 (1989)
      -   Llum del Cel (1990)
      -   Cayetana Soriano (1990)
      -   Els de sempre (1992)
      -   Tres gusmans (1995)
      -   Villa de Ortigueira (1995)
      -   Sergio Seguí (1996)
      -   Unió Artística Musical (1996)
      -   Musulman Cincuentenario (1996)
      -   El Blanco (1998)
      -   A la banda juvenil (1999)
      -   Als Pregoners (2000)
      -   Chronographus (2002)
      -   Saoret (2003)
      -   Benimerins (2005)
      -   Paki Martí (2006)
      -   La morera (2007)
      -   Emiliet (2008)
      -   Meson 1987 (2012)
      -   Estefa (2016)
      -   Enrique Alonso (2017)

      -   Untinianum (2003)
      -   Fa 150 anys (2010)
      -   El campanar de la Vila (2012)

      -   Sinfonieta (1994)
      -   Ave Maria (1998)
      -   Fantasia per a marimba (1998)
      -   Música Pregó (1999)
      -   Contrastes (2005)
      -   Còsmic (Fantasy for brass quintet) (2014)